About Us

OMAANA, meaning ‘a woman’, is a tribute to womanhood, to a woman’s infinite grace, elegance and style. It is an extension of a woman’s sensuous, delicate, strong, assertive self. From contemporary to chic to ethnic, OMAANA has it all for each woman, every woman.

A perfect blend of contemporary with heritage our each creation is designed to appeal to the modern woman while retaining it’s timeless Indian identity.

JAIPURE, stands for purity from Jaipur. Every garment is made with impeccable quality, using the purest homegrown fabrics and dyed using age old traditional dyeing techniques.

Our sense of design shows our love for Indian traditional crafts, creating designs that are minimalist in nature and interweave modern clean cuts with heritage fabric. Our philosophy is to design contemporary styles by keeping the essence of traditional craft intact.

Each and every piece of garment is created as a result of an intensive thought process and numerous days of hard-work and passion of our team. We design our clothes with meticulous attention to detail.

We believe in a simple, honest approach to silhouettes giving utmost importance to the comfort of the wearer, offering a classic collection that celebrates easy dressing.

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