Block Printed Designer Clothing for Women

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Block Making, or woodblock printing is a technique of printing for the purpose of printing, writing or text, pictures or design, etc. This type of printings originated in China before 220 AD. This art form is mostly used in the countries of Eastern Asia. Even it has been known that this Woodblock printing existed during the Tang dynasty there in China. Not only China existed in other East Asian countries too. The Japanese version of this printing is Ukiyo-e. In the European countries, this known as woodcut and most probably during the 15th century it started to being produced in India. In Egypt, its existence was found near around the 4th century. In the 15th century Europe, there were some block books, where text and pictures were cut on a block for a full-page since most of the samples that are found are not dated, it is very difficult to find out the exact timings of those. 

This type of Block Making was mainly used to print on clothes and textiles. Generally, that made of linen, cotton or silks. Some experts say that it is the oldest and easiest process of textile printing. Hand Block printing is a slow process, but very artistic. The blocks are mainly made of a box and many kinds of fruits like lime, holly, sycamore, pearwood. The blocks can be of many sizes, but its thickness should be between two and three inches. The blocks are rubbed and trenched to fit each other. In the time of paintings, the artists put the things to be printed on a plain surface with the block on its top, after that they press and hammer the backside of the block to print. Rubbing is a very common process in the paintings of the Far East. In this process, the backside of the paper or textile is rubbed with a flat wooden piece or hard piece of leather. In recent times this is used for the purpose of decorations and for making clothes. 

Specialties of Block Paintings:

Many crafts and old art forms are dying throughout the world, in spite of that love and respect for the old crafts are still alive among the people. This is an art form that can be used to make every piece of cloth designing and unique. This skill and fashion of boho dresses for women has been passed through generation after generation of the artisans and also providing a livelihood to many rural families. This is one of the traditional art forms that still uses natural dyes as its main tool. The factory produced clothes that are available in the market, but this block painting made clothes reflect the traditional culture and uniqueness. Many clusters all over the world this art form is practiced. Exploration of a variety of designs is the main specialty of this art, as it is done by the hands so a variety of designs are possible. Wooden and metal blocks can be found only in this art that creates the products more beautiful. The artisans use chemical-free fruits and vegetable dyes to produce that made this popular to the health-conscious people of the world. These specialties have made this a unique ever art form in the world.

The reason behind its popularity:

The styles and motifs that are used in this painting are motivated by rural flowers and vegetables that indicate the geographical identity of the art and the artisans as well. Not a single artificial tool is used in this printing that causes no harmful effects to the users. The clothes with hand block prints are available in the market at a very reasonable price that is one of the reasons that made it a popular one. Unlike machine-made clothes, various experiments can be done in this to make it suitable for modern days. Most of the colors are catchy in this art and some colors are used for a single design. Without cotton, this art cannot be implemented on any other clothes. This has increased its market availability and made it of low prices’.

The reason people choose it:

People nowadays are choosing these traditional art forms because of their eco-friendly ingredients which cause harm to its users. The ingredients may have been the main reason behinds peoples’ favor towards this but apart from this, the low price of it is also a cause that has grown its popularity in the world of fashion for women. On one hand, this painting is of chemical-free ingredients that don’t harm the body and on others, it is available at a reasonable price. Due to these two main reasons, it has become famous among people.