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Explore These Fashion Blog to Update Your Wardrobe This Summer

Fashion Apr 11, 2020 No Comments

The beautiful days of winter left us finally in the delicate and warm hands of summer. As we love all the seasons, the choice of our clothes also changes accordingly. Fashion is not just wearing something very sparkling, shiny, and state-of-the-art pieces of cloths. It is about being comfortable as well as beautiful in what you wear. It is really important to be satisfied with your choice no matter you bought your clothes from a store that sells women’s office wear online or festive wear for women online. It isn’t necessary that all your clothes should come from expensive brands. Connecting the price tag with the style is the wrong perception people make of fashion. 

Yes, if you are a fashion enthusiast, it will be good if you keep yourself updated. And the best thing to do for that is subscribing to fashion and brand’s magazines, logging infrequently to the top fashion blogs, and reading the social media posts of the most-happening celebrities, and then select what you actually want to wear. The real fashion is not someone else suggests or forces you to wear. And neither you should just put on anything because your favorite celebrity does so. It is really important to know your body type and likes and dislikes. Let’s have a look at the top fashion blogs around the world and why you should follow them: 


On Elle, you can not only watch runway shows, talks, quotes, episodes, and instructions from the most happening fashion designers but at the same time, you can also scope the most-awarded designers, best-dressed celebrities, actresses, models, and world’s fashion icons walking elegantly on the red carpet in their own unique and classy street style. Moreover, upon visiting the website, you can discover the state of the art and newly launched beauty products to keep your skin really glowing. If that doesn’t catch your attention, then Elle has a lot more to offer to you such as a sneak peek at the world’s top celebrity cover shoots even prior to they go on the newsstands. ELLE magazine is your one-stop solution to the fashion of today.

Fashion Magazine

Are you a citizen of Canada or India? If yes, then Fashion Magazine is one of the best magazines for you. Headquartered in Canada, it is highly popular in the United States of America as well. Fashion Magazine is without a download Canada’s number one and most-read  Fashion & Beauty Magazine of all time. It is inclined to provide you what other fashion magazines fail to do i.e. bringing the insights of all the important fashion events of the world to Canadians in one dash. With competent editors. Experienced writers, and fashion contributors who like to travel the world in search of fashion inspiration, this magazine will be the best choice you will get. 

Lookbook Blog

The more I write about the Lookbook Blog, the more I found to be unwritten. The blog has recently crossed the mark of one million followers on both Facebook and Instagram platforms and is sure to rock the world of twitter as well. The best thing I like about this blog is, it doesn’t only provides inspiration and deep knowledge about fashion, it also offers you a deep look in the mind of real people who are actively engaged in the world of fashion around the world. It is very unique because most of the content on it is a user-generated & a community of fans usually maintains the blog. 

PopSugar Fashion

If you haven’t heard about PopSugar blog whose headquarter is located in San Francisco, California, United States, then you are probably not venturing so deep in the world of fashion. If I were to say a few words about PopSugar Fashion, then it is undoubtedly a very contentful blog about fashion which is dedicated to the latest must-haves in fashion including wearables, indo western clothes, jewelry, and accessories. They post something new every day. 

Every fashionista and the people who follow them have their own dos and don’ts. But in the era where everyone is following each other with frightening blindness and messing up the fundamental sense of fashion, you should remember that choice, comfort, satisfaction, and a chic look is what you should seek.