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Stylish Women Clothing in Dabu Print

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Dabu printing

Dabu printing is a traditional way of printing designs on clothes. It is done by mud blocks and provides an ancient and cultural look to your fabrics. The practice of using Dabu in printing almost died in the last years when our laborers decided to incorporate its women’s clothing.  It is one of the most flourishing businesses in the villages of Rajasthan where the workers make these designs with their hands. Our experts have customized the printing techniques to provide you with the most elegant look. We aim to make you look unique on every occasion of your life. Dabu is not only specialized for clothes but is also used in home decorative items. Dabu printing can be done in a variety of colors and provides a unique look to your western as well as traditional dresses. Dabu clothing requires skilled labor to focus on the technique and produce the final dress. Various motifs can also be printed with the help of motifs. The technique has worked in enhancing the economy of the nation as well. The printing technique has provided livelihood to thousands of people in Rajasthan. Women are also skilled labors in promoting the designs with the help of mud resists.

Specialties of the Dabu printing

Dabu printing is a labor-intensive task that involves a number of stages of printing and dyeing. It is time-consuming but gives an authentic look to whatever you wear. It provides elegance to the look of women. The designs are similar to ‘batik’ printing but Dabu prints are completely printed with the help of mud blocks. Indian garments such as the saree and salwar also include Dabu printing. The printing technique is unique and provides an overwhelming effect on the fabric. Printing and designing are inspired by the diversity of nature. Many new designers are inspired by this technique of printing and are incorporating it into modern-day fashion trends. The Dabu printing provides a touch of Rajasthan in your clothes and makes you feel confident in every occasion of your life. The printing techniques that are common in Dabu printing includes

  • Crack
  • Vein
  • Leaves
  • Geometric shapes
  • Fruits

The technique of Dabu printing

Mud resist is used to print the designs on the fabric. The resist is prepared by mixing mud, gum and wheat chaff. The mud paste is put o the fabrics for specific designs and they are dried. The mus resist is pressed on eh fabric to leave an imprint on the cloth which can be cut and designed to produce the end product. These designs are dusted with the help of sawdust and the final product is attractive and colorful to be bought by women all over the world. The Dabu printing is compatible with Indian dresses online as well as the indo-western fabrics. The distinct designs attract women from all over the world to stick to the roots of Rajasthan. The fabric can be dyed once or more than that to produce a unique effect to the dress. After drying of the fabric, the clothing can be used for long and the designs leave a permanent print on the cloth. The Dabu artisans are valued for their skills and the Dabu printing holds the color and design for a long period of time.  The color of the dye is derived from natural colors.

  • Red from pomegranate
  • Yellow form sunflower
  • Indigo from vegetable dyes


Why people choose it?

Customers all over the world are admiring Dabu printing and are buying the fabrics to provide themselves a traditional yet elegant look. The sophisticated fabrics can be worn as a saree or a western Kurti. You can handle the fabrics very easily and the quality of cloth makes you feel comfortable all day. You can wear traditional neckpiece and some handmade jewelry to compliment Dabu fashion. Dabu printing provides the highest value for money and never fails to satisfy you with its uniqueness. People prefer it for the dramatic effect it provides to the variety of clothing. You become the center of attraction when you choose to wear anarkali dresses with Dabu print on it. You must avoid rigorous washing of the clothing, hand wash will slow down the fading of colors. You will feel confident when you wear something new and different.