Testimonials - Omaana Jaipure

Shivangi Jain, Noida

I love OMAANA dresses for the ease and comfort that you feel wearing them. It’s totally fuss free clothing.

Aparna Agarwal, Jaipur

I just wore an OMAANA outfit on my birthday and it just made my day more special with the countless compliments I received by everyone. Thanks OMAANA

Shilpi, New Delhi

I have a lot of dresses from Omaana Jaipur and it’s my favourite brand. If I have to wear anything stylish that sets me apart from rest then OMAANA is my only pick.

Preeti Pagaria

I bought a jumper dhoti dress from OMAANA and I just loved it. It’s super comfi and very stylish. I enjoyed wearing it on my trip to Rann of Kutch.

Divya, Ahmedabad

Omaana dresses up the style and confidence quotient so high. Am glad to be here. Thank you. You do a brilliant job.

Smita, Los Angeles

Omaana’s casual balloon dress is my favourite pick from my recent trip to India and its just apt for LA’s mildly cold weather. I love it!!

Vanya, Nainital

If there’s any occasion where I need a different, stylish and a comfortable outfit, then I rely only on Omaana.

Mauya, Colombo

I feel beautiful wearing this super comfortable double layered dress from Omaana. I would love to buy more and more in future.