The Top Fashion Names You Should Follow If You Are Looking to Get Influenced

Fashion Nov 20, 2018 No Comments

Great people say that inspiration is all around you. You just have to look more carefully and you will find it right there. For most people, the world wide web is one of the best mediums to search for style inspiration. Remember, when you are just starting out, don’t go for Insta as your primary hideout. 

While it seems convenient to get fooled by Instagram’s so cold celebrities, many of them appear to have no fashion sense at all. Fashion is not only about adorning yourself with a bunch of branded stuff. 

It is also about roaming the busy streets of your local market and understanding the local taste. For instance, many designer stores in Jaipur offer so many local and traditional choices and in such an affordable price that you will never find them in a feed of certain Instagram celebrities. 

Even if you spend like 4 days in scrolling through feeds, you will still end up thinking what you should wear in the event next evening. So, blindly scrolling through Insta feed is a not good idea. You might be thinking by now that if Insta won’t help then what will? Well, don’t worry, we have enlisted some top UK fashion celebrities for you. They will take their places in your heart no matter what kind of fashion you like – Sanganeri Printing or the usual designs. 


Chrissy Ford

Chrissy Ford is a renowned model from New York. She is also the special director at Harper’s Bazaar in the United States. Her style and fashion choices are often trendy and cool. And there’s a large number of girls who want to be like her in every aspect. 

Lizzy Hadfield 

Have you ever read the blog North Living in London? If yes, then you might have come across a handful of Lizzy’s articles. She is a self-proclaimed enthusiastic person when it comes to fashion and blogging about the same. Her blogs are really humorous and thoughtful at the same time. 

Lindsey Holland

Who would have known that one day a former physiotherapist will turn into one of the most followed fashion influencers? Amazing, isn’t it? She is known for not blindly following trends unless it suits her real style. Her choices are as different as her blogs. And I respect her for that. 

Hannah Crosskey

Brighton, a name that combines stunning fashion appeal is the birthplace of Hannah Crosskey. She is currently working as a fashion stylist and social media influencer. Most of the time, she will be found at talk shows with celebrity hosts. And when she isn’t there, she is just exploring the world to satisfy her traveling dream. 

I hope you got it that how important is it to make it to the world’s top trendsetting people instead of self-proclaimed Instagram account holders. Chrissy Ford, Lizzy Hadfield, and Lindsey Holland are the people who secured a world-level recognization despite of their age, color, nationality, or background. And if you are looking to get inspired the right way, these should be your options.