What Top Fashion Brands are Doing to Fight Corona?

Fashion Apr 2, 2020 No Comments

We all know in our hearts how dreadful the corona disease is. It is slowly covering the entire world in its grasp. All the industries in the world are getting affected by the biological and economical effects of it. And the fashion industry is no different as it is also getting badly upended. In recent days, the corona outbreak has caused people to shut their branded clothing stores down. And they even don’t know for how long they have to keep them shut. Whether it is sustainable online clothing stores or offline shops that sell ladies party wear dresses, everything is getting suppressed by the fear of the disease.

If we talk about well-known brands such as the reformation, Nike, Net-a-porter, Everlane, and many other stores, they are also not left unscathed with the negative vibes of corona and are closed as well. Apart from that, we also know that many fashion-related events were scheduled to be conducted in the upcoming month. One such name is the Met Gala Event about which almost everyone knows pretty well. Continuing, the Gala event was also canceled due to the pandemic. Yes, the corona disease has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization and every clothing brand and event organizer seems to take it into consideration very seriously.

But as the earth grapples with a new horizon, a great many numbers of fashion brands, manufacturing houses, and small to mid-scale sellers have completely changed their ways. Earlier they used to produce and distribute clothes. However, they have surprisingly began to produce and sell the most needed things today. Yes, we are talking about masks. Almost all the top brands are now manufacturing a great range of protective masks that you should be wearing to protect yourself from the disease. Apart from the mask, these houses also seem to manufacture many different kinds of medical supplies. Doctor’s gowns, gloves, and eye protection wear come second after that.

Since it has become very important to keep you calm while everyone around you is going haywire. We have been really surprised by the help fashion powerhouses and heavyweights are doing in order to help the world fight the pandemic. Please have a look here:

Net-a-porter which is a really established name in the world of fashion clothes has done something on March 31 that was nothing short of ordinary for its fans. Yes, the brand first shut down its website and then announced something about its delivery services. The brand stated that from the last day of March, it will be utilizing its vehicles to deliver emergency food to the people in need living around London. The counties the vehicles will be going to come under seven charities. On the trucks, “fashion that delivers’ ‘ can be found written which is sending rays of hope to people of all ages ranging from younger to older. The company also said that its primary focus is on their colleagues and customers. We want them to stay safe, healthy, and occupied with essential supplies.

Revolve is also another reputed fashion clothing brand. They announced on the last day of March on its Instagram that the brand looks forward to donating 10,000 N95 face masks to help communities and people in Los Angeles fight the corona. Also, it delivered the masks to the hospitals in the city. The brand, apart from delivering 10,000 masks, also procured 20,000 more masks so that they can be delivered to healthcare workers who are risking their lives to get the common people treated. With this attitude, the brand paid their respect to the doctors. Additionally, Revolve urged all the influencers and followers they have to spread awareness in the frontline workers who are actually in need of protective gear.

They said that the nation’s doctors and nurses are on the first border and have the highest possibility to get infected with the virus. Despite all that, they are risking their lives to save ours which is a great thing not only towards society but also towards humanity as well. The brand said that the doctors and nurses who are staying awake all night so the world can sleep in peace are often doing so even after they realize that they do not have a stock of adequate protective equipment. The brand’s statement was a real relief in the healthcare sector medical and paramedical staff. The brand’s mission for this initiative is to do all in their power to the people of their community, city, and the nation. They hope to be able to make donations on a large scale to further contribute to the cause in the future.